Family Tree

We are a disparate bunch but like the human race we have a small number of ancestors, depending on which creation story you believe and so this is our…ongoing…version of Where do you think you came from or Who do you think you are or Who are you or whatever it is called.

In the beginning God created Jono, Jess and Brian. Let us not judge how they came together and he without sin should not be the first to throw stones or stand in glass windows for splinters of any nature are unpleasant.

Jono begat Steve, Steve begat Martin and Angry Mick. Martin begat Mark, Mark begat Fireman Dave and Stewart and Fireman Darren.

Jono begat Coops who begat Danny, who tried to disembowel Tim, and Scouse Steve, who begat Steve the Bruce and there hangs a tale.

Jono also begat Tim, who tried to disembowel Danny, and Leeds Rob (Jono does a lot of begatting) and Leeds Rob begat Mihai and Ara.

Jono and Steve begat Bernard, Pete and Guy, and Jono begat Richard, the worse at being in goal of all the players we have ever had (he used to be walking out saying, “who’s next” before the shot was even taken).

Jess begat Big John, Big John begat Little Joe (literally in this case), and Darren (as opposed to Fireman Darren).

Paddy begat Chris and Fergus (also literally) but who begat Paddy I do not know.

Mark begat Cam, who in turn begat Liam.

Then there’s Geordie Dave who did tell me who begat him but I had a fair bit to drink that night and I’ve forgotten.

Then there’s Big Al and no one has any idea how that happened.

There was Darrel who just turned up one night and asked for a game and Jess said yes so we’ll say Jess begat him. Darrell stayed a few months, then disappeared a few months, then came back a few months, then disappeared a few months, then came back, then disappeared, then came back, then disappeared. There was a pattern to his playing career

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