The World Series Count

The history of the World Series has been swings and roundabouts for both teams:

World Series I: the inaugural international Series sees a resounding victory for the Darks 11-7 in games

World Series II: the Whites even the scores but for the first time in World Series history it goes to a final day play off, leaving the final score in games 11-10

World Series III: the Darks throw off the heart break of the final day loss of the previous series and take back their crown, 11-8 in games, having taken their foot off the gas at 10-4 in games.

World Series IV: the golden age of Darks domination continues with a storming 11-5 series win.

World Series V: the Whites strike back, taking advantage of significant injuries in the Darks ranks and ruthlessly exerting revenge with the most emphatic series victory yet, 11-4 in games.

World Series VI: the Whites retain their title in what is forever now known as the Dennis Law series (needing a Dark team member to even the sides on the final day, who then makes a telling contribution to the victory) with a gripping final match victory to win 11-10 in games.

World Series VII went the way of the Darks by 11 games to 7, leading many to say that justice was served for the previous Series outcome.

World Series VIII was won by the Whites in emphatic style 11-4, injuries and absences in the Darks ranks were rife but the Whites were ruthless and stunning in their football, often awe-inspiring in their dispatching of a wounded animal.

World Series IX came to a close in October 2015 and Whites again were victorious 11-8 despite the Darks having raced into an early 6-1 lead in games. The final weeks saw the familiar injury decimation in the Dark’s ranks and a majestic consistency by the Whites.

World Series X begins with the games won over all the series now having swung in the favour of the Whites by 82 to the Darks 80, and in Series wins 5 to the Whites and 4 to the Darks, with the Whites entering unfamiliar territory of being ahead in Series wins.


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