Old Farts, Park Hacks, Beautiful Losers and Once Upon A Timers

Once Upon A Time…

Well, maybe not that long ago: in 1991 a youthful (ish) group of amateur footballers decided that they had enough of the wind and the rain and the mud baths of the sloping pitches of Sheffield park football and would retreat in to the warmth of the newly built Hillsborough Sports Centre.  There on a flat indoor pitch they rediscovered their passing game and the joy of an even bounce.

Uncertain of what to call this Thursday night gathering of like minds, the founding fathers turned their back on the more the obvious (and frankly more romantic) choice of Sheffield Thursday and sought inspiration in their united love of the same side of the city, paying homage to their beloved team by naming their own club in it’s honour: and so we became…

Blades 5 A Side

The 20th Anniversary of that auspicious first gathering has brought the desire to record for posterity those precious moments in time when aging legs and lungs still grasped at the glories of their youth and the beautiful game that we all share: Unitedites and Wednesdayites together, side by side with Mancs and Scousers, Geordies, the Irish and the Scottish, the nomads, and the odd Leeds fan thrown in for comic measure.

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