Tuesday 31st January: Bad Mood Bear

Now then children, are we all sitting comfortably? On the mat please.   Scouse Steve please stop pulling Angry Mick’s hair.   Then I’ll begin: this is the story of Bad Mood Bear.

Bad Mood Bear is a big old bear with little hair.  He hadn’t been in a bad mood for many weeks maybe months, he had been trying to be happy bear, still with little hair and often annoying the other bears in his team by being ridiculously fair.  He didn’t want to be in a bad mood, he was trying so hard not to be but that night, a cold and rainy night, he was.   He was jolly and friendly before the game began but underneath the bad mood was grumbling and building like a big old steam train building up it’s fires ready for the off and the opening goal to the Whites was like the station master, all smug and smiley, waving his little paddle and the train was on it’s way with a big toot toot.

And suddenly the big old bear, with little hair, was in a very bad mood indeed.  All snarling and sweary and grizzly and ridiculous.  Ho ho ho said all the other bears, which obviously didn’t help Bad Mood’s mood at all; nor did Angry Mick’s challenge (for a ball I grant you that was there to be won), or the disallowed goal (which was probably inside the area anyway…only probably mind) or Bad Mood’s inability to hit a barn door with a banjo from the distance one cows backside.

Injustice after injustice befall the great big bear with little hair, making his blood boil, bringing the red mists forth and turning the air blue as the Whites won again, 8 games to 4 now.

He chuntered and he thundered some more and he drove home with a bottom lip so pronounced a whole family of eagles could nest on it.

Bad Mood Bear, with little hair, knows he was a silly arse… but he’s going to kick all of yours this Thursday for the way last week you stole his tiara, peed in his porridge, broke his chair, slept in his bed, hid his teddy and didn’t allow him to score enough goals.

He may have little hair but he will be there, but won’t be Bad Mood Bear but great big cuddly bear.

So, who else with be there.

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