Tuesday 24th January: Censorship

Censorship: a truly dirty word to any artist, whether that is the papal and Victorian prudish figleafing of classical sculpture, to the modern day disgust at the recent RSC’s production with its unsavoury (for some) depictions of life in a French asylum.  Yet my tirade against censorship of any kind comes not from an ingrained artistic hatred of the McCarthy era, although that does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.  No my tirade is that censorship stifles Man.

Man: the race, civilisation, however you wish to call us is uniquely creative but it is the artist, the dreamer, the writer, the creator, the inventor, even the revolutionary that drives our race, our democracy, our progress.   Even the receipt of this email is the result of a dream, maybe not the dream of a Michaelangelo, or a Byron, but of the geeks who invented the computers, the Internet, even those who invented and refined electricity, but it is still the result of an idea, of a dream.  We went to the moon, because Man has always dreamed of going there, and the imaginations of those scientists who devised the way to send Man there, and to bring him back safely, were fanned by the philosophers and writers and artists who wrote about going, who painted, who dreamed.

Who was it that first took a corner, or a throw in where the ball came in over the head held by two hands, or who first put a crossbar on top of the posts, or called the nations together to play for the World Cup; even the guy who invented predator boots…artists one and all in their own right.  Censorship will stifle such advancements, censorship will slow our progress to a better place, censorship would have denied us the joy of ‘there’s people on the pitch, they think it’s all over, it is now, it’s four’; censorship will not cure cancer or save us from fossil fuels: the artist in us all will take us there.

And why is my blathering this week focused on censorship?    Because I came up with something over the weekend that I was really chuffed with but could never use because it would be quarantined by probably everyone’s firewalls.     As it is i will have to keep that idea for the presently in production Blades 5 A Side website, with added extras in good true Christmas DVD style, and thus my beautiful inventors, this tirade is dedicated to Steve The Bruce’s firewall.

Whites won again last week (taking the score to Whites 7 Darks 4) but only by 1 goal in another pulsating game.  It’s hard, it’s tight, it’s hot and sweaty, it’s Thursday night football.

So who is playing this week?

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