Tuesday 10th January: Questions Questions Questions

No ramblings this week, purely because I have two questions to ask of you all and I know how you struggle with such complexities.

Firstly: who is playing this Thursday night?    Darks won last week, granted we had the extra man, but we still won which means in terms of games we are now closing the gap on the Whites: ooooohhhhhh tense.

And the second question is…

Who is coming out to play on Friday night for the footy boys night out on the town (I really must stop things sounding so gay).   So instead (imagine a gruff, Ray Winston type voice but with a more Northern twang to it), “Right you Muppets, Friday night, down the boozer, giving it large, don’t be a big girls blouse!”   Was that any better?  It doesn’t come natural you know.

The agreed consensus is 8.30 at the Porter Brook on Ecclesall Road.

Will we stay there all night or move on, I don’t know and in truth I don’t care, I’ve done enough organising of this one, I suggest we ‘wing it’ on the night.

Anyway, get responding dear fellows…sorry, you Muppets.

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