Tuesday 3rd January 2012: Happy New Year

And it’s welcome back everybody and I trust it was a cracking festive period for you all.

2012 brings with it mammoth questions that over time I am sure we will answer, questions like:

Who has been in crafty training and will return all ripped and energetic?

  • Will our injured compatriots ever return?
  • Will they have grown beards whilst in treatment?
  • Will Scouse Steve return the wheels back to my car?  Whilst I appreciate the bricks are made of good local stone, I would prefer to be more mobile than a Flintstone.
  • Has Angry Mick chilled out and taken the holiday period to seek enlightenment and understanding that we are not all Messi or Gazza or Peter Beardsley?
  • Has Leeds Rob learnt to keep score?
  • Has Big John forgotten entirely what a football looks is and will take three weeks of kicking whatever moves before being back in the swing of things?
  • Will we ever see Coops again?
  • Did Fireman Dave get some new knee supports for Christmas?
  • Has Steve The Bruce got a new firewall that will allow me to be more creative in my emails or can I still not say #### for fear of interception?
  • Has Geordie Dave learnt how to properly pronounce Newcastle?
  • Throughout the year how many weeks will Mark go home chuntering?
  • How much more like Inspector Gadget will Tim’s legs get?
  • And if I write any more emails like this will I see the end of the year, or indeed will I see the end of January?

Yes folks footy is back.  Who is getting back in the saddle this coming Thursday?

And don’t forget, footy night out, old farts stood at a bar reminiscing of great goals, games, tackles and fouls: come on you know you want to – Friday 13th January.    All suggestions on suitable venues gratefully received.

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