Tuesday 20th December 2011: He’s Behind You

And after writing it I realise just how gay that title sounds but I guess it is in keeping with our very own Pantomime performance last Thursday night where the 2 ugly sisters and widow twankie were defeated by the 4 man strong Whites, but at least we went down in a blaze of slapstick, camp-ness and sheer pudding-ness that would have impressed even the Chuckle Brothers.

(Knowing how forgetful you can all be) The winter break is upon us and there is now no Thursday night footy until Thursday 5th January – how European of us.   I’ll send out a reminder on the 3rd, calling you all back to the battle field but in the meantime have a great Christmas everyone: one full of rest, recovery, recuperation and don’t forget to keep fit and sharp for the new year when hostilities commence once again:

We leave 2011 with the score Whites 5 Darks 3 in the second World Series

But for now let peace and good will commence and the long term injured to find their way back to the holy shrine of Hillsborough in the New Year.

And don’t forget the footy night out on Friday 13th January.

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