Tuesday 13th December 2011 : Nativity Play

Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant its the last game of the year this Thursday.    Deck the halls and the goalposts, turn the netting into a pleasant nativity scene perhaps, will the Three Wise Men (Jono, Jess and Brian) appear following a star, who will be our Baby Jesus, our Joseph and our Mary….come on own up, somebody must have had a virgin birth, you Whites are always so innocent of any foul you must be in line for a sainthood or two.  Will we have five golden goals, or a Geordie Dave in a pear tree, who will be our joker in the cracker – certainly not me with these lines, who will be our Scrooge, our glorious humbug, perhaps a ghost of Christmas past and Coops will reappear or will we all run around like Muppets in a Christmas Carol.

It’s your last chance for a run this year….take it, grasp it, give it all you got because you’ll have three weeks to recover.   The wine, the festivities and the excess can wait for one night.

Who is playing this week?

Its White 4 Darks 3.

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