By the powers vested in me I declare the Premier World Series Of Champions, series one to be started

Ok, its been a while…but I have reasons, we all have reasons, injuries, house moves, more injuries, changes in players, change in our home ground, but throughout it all we kept playing, but we lost count – ish. So, by the powers vested in me by the being the second longest player in the group, and without the explicit permission of the keeper of all that is truthful and accurate (because I think I’m pulling a massive fast-on), I am resetting the clock. It is now April 2018 and we are in a new World Series, now retitled the Premier World Series, and the scores stand at Darks 8 Whites 6.

The old World Series’ ended all with the Whites up by 2 but we will gloss over that because we all know that anything that happened before the Premiership doesn’t count for a hill of beans, therefore World Series XI is now the Premier World Series Of Champions I and its all just got a whole lot bigger and jazzier and full of international players with funny sounding names. It’s now, its big, its colossal, its ginormous, football – the blades5aside version – is back.

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