12th August 2015: Eva Carneiro

And so the new football season is off and running (not us though, we still grind through our world championship which still sits tied at 8-8) and the hype has already begun. But before you think this is just me heading down the path of a cheap jibe at United, think again, there is always someone who gets surprisingly tonked on opening day, think Norwich a few seasons back, think Arsenal this season, who knows at the end of this season it might even be Bristol City that people are looking back at and saying wow they turned it around spectacularly, but instead my opening weekend comment is one where yet again I stand up for the sisterhood in football, after all most of you say I play like a girl…or is it that I go down like a girl…or are you referring to something totally different by that…I digress….and that is Mourinho’s benching of Eva Carneiro. Forget about the player she went on to treat not actually being hurt and therefore being a stereotypical tantrum throwing foreign play acting softy and not crunching a handful of Tarmac for his one man down team-mates…hang on, I was born abroad….I’m not coming out of this narrative too well….Jose you are out of line on this one, if she doesn’t know the game, who’s fault is that, you’re the manager, man up, we want more women in the game and especially ones as gorgeous as Eva, just punish her in a more FIFA manner….tighter shorts perhaps….oh I ruined it at the end there didn’t I.

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