21st April: St Sheridan’s Day

On this most holy St Sheridan’s Day, I wish you all a very merry Dink or two (in fact it only needed the one), and may you all be blessed in the glorified light of the great man himself, who hardly left the centre circle, not that he needed to, apart from on this glorious day (not that long ago I hasten to add before the barbs and jibes of the jealous and the unholy begin to rain upon my head) when he managed to make it to the edge of the penalty box and the rest as they say….is history… beautiful, sensual, exotic and timeless history.

So, at 4-4, who will be there this week, and please, please please Darks, I beg of you, let’s be having some numbers this week! The Whites have battered back our lead from earlier in the series because in every one of the last 4 games they have had the extra man: no excuses, no injuries, no other reasons, let’s get our team out, it’s a big pitch, we need our numbers!

Let me know guys and as early as possible please and whilst you are thinking it over I am off to kneel before the alter of St Sheridan and give thanks.

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