31st March 2015: Goodbye Hillsborough, Hello Hillsborough

So to this week and the very final Hillsborough Sports Centre match, yes folks that is correct the very final time we will run out of that tunnel, the very final time we will call ‘time lads’ and be met with the ‘5 minutes late’ repose, the very final time they will try and turf us off on time, the very final time we will plug the gap where there should be a board with a pile of mats, the very final time we will contest whether the blue line is under or overhead high, before we (in Angry Mick’s words and I am indebted to him for this) ceremoniously carry the ball round the corner, marching behind a kazoo band in 80s kit with the Red Arrows flying overhead.

Mark says he’s coming this week dressed as an angry Scotsman ready to start taking up the pitch and bouncing on the crossbar at the final whistle, Big John says he is committed to the Dolly Parton costume, and I will be coming in fancy dress also…as a footballer (Mark’s gag…thanks team-mate!). So the question is simply, on this the very last occasion…..will you be there and who will you be dressed as?

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