Tuesday 29th November: A Shadow Is Cast

As I was not there last Thursday I did have in mind to write a piece this week about the origins of the penalty kick and link it back to Mick’s remarkable attempt the week before but it seems churlish to do so in light of the sad news on Sunday about Gary Speed.   As the tributes and disbelief pour in, it is at times like this when strangely I am most proud of loving this game: for all the partisan banter and local rivalry across the leagues, there is still the decency and humanity in every crowd to recognise a great player and the tragedy of such a senseless waste of a still young life.

On one hand it makes me think, life is too short and on the other I hope that some good can come from this: maybe, just maybe, with this and the recent death of Robert Enke that football might just take seriously the question of fragile mental health and the shadow it can secretly cast over even the most strong and gifted.

Let’s play this week, along with millions others across the land, in shock at the loss but also in celebration of one of the great British players of our own generation.

Rest in peace Gary Speed.

So who is playing this week?

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