It’s 3-0 to the Whites after last week and I’m making no comment about it because I am brimming with civic pride after yesterday.  I may be a Wednesdayite through and through but I’m absolutely chuffed for all those amongst us (and beyond) from the red and white side of the city.   For all the talk of the might have been Steel City Quarter Final, the truth is that Wednesday had got to the verge of the round by beating minnows and then blew it, United got there the hard way and then some.  It wasn’t that one Sheffield team deserved the prize of a trip to Wembley and the other did not, just that United did more and on the back of yesterday’s great result, get yourselves to Wembley, have the greatest of days and ideally – despite the grief that Wednesdayites will get from this happening – win it and make this city proud, all this in the week of the 150th anniversary of the great Sheffield flood, one of the worse man-made disasters in British history.

So who is playing this week?

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