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By now you will have realised I’m not a scientist type so the news this morning that such white coated meddling people had brought back to life a billion zillion year old virus that had laid dormant in the ice for quite a long time and that they were rather excited about this concerned me somewhat.  We have all seen Jurassic Park, we all know these things never end well but it did get me nostalgiaising (if that isn’t a word it damned well should be) and before long I was on Spotify and enjoying a few blast from the pasts, so against my better judgement (as the last time we tried it, it didn’t end well…your favourite Bond…) I think it is time for another in the series of the Blades 5 A Side footy polls but this time, songs we haven’t heard for a very long time but have a particular place in our heart and you would love to see ‘defrosted for one more play’ – see the link!  …surely you lot can’t mess this one up.    

For example I offer you a range of:

Nick Lowe’s Cruel To Be Kind – especially for Angry Mick

Paper Lace’s Billy Don’t Be A Hero – straight from Mark’s goalkeeping manual

UFO’s Doctor Doctor – something to be played after one of Big John’s special tackles

Peter Gabriel’s Games Without Frontiers –  why does Paddy and Leeds Rob come suddenly to mind

Now I certainly expect Brian and Tim to have something to say about these musical selections and if Scouse Steve doesn’t include something by Cilla Black in his I will be very disappointed but it is over to you now to add to the list.

And whilst you are doing so, also let me know if you are playing this week.  It is 2-0 to the Whites after last week’s somewhat questionable defection by Angry Mick to the Darks.

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