Manuel Mellorgrini

Let’s see who can guess what is vexing me most this week after the opening game victory to the Whites in World Series VII last week?

a)       was it Paddy’s new shoes, of which I could write for hours


 b)       was it that the Whites yet again resorted to this underhand tactic of not declaring their playing numbers prior to kick off so to ensure they have an extra man

You should have been at the post match press conference, Swedish referee hah, team sheets dear Whites team sheets, common courtesy, level playing field, are you so dastardly to resort to such tactics, what’s next…hiding players in linen baskets, man traps scattered around the defending third, ball-bearings falling behind you from your shorts as you run, using opposition players to win a World Series (oh wait you’ve already did that one).  But we will fight on, just as the Allies did in Escape to Victory, and we will win, and why…because we have Right on our side, because we are Englishmen, because….oh I can’t be bothered with all this, we all are….just reply to the email…let’s try and get even sides!

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