Wednesday 16th November: The Dunn Jessop Macintyre Trophy

Good morning everyone and as seems to be the case at the moment I am again apologising for my tardiness, either in sending out the footy emails on both a Tuesday and a Thursday or not tracking back quickly enough to play my part in stopping the Whites opening up a 3-1 lead in games in this Second World Series.

No smarty-pant comments this week as we have serious stuff to discuss.

Firstly, the festive period and this year we are turning all European and having a Christmas break in the fixtures to allow you all to recover, get in that little extra training and come back in the New Year all refreshed and revved up.   I dedicate this European style policy to Scouse Steve for last week’s remarkable Spanish style flinging of himself to the floor whilst omitting a remarkable half pleasure half mortal insult grunt at …it must be the Rafa influence finally working it’s way out of his system…imagine the irony of that, years of being called light weight and along comes Steve and rips the title from me with such a dramatic fall as I come in for the tackle: stay on your feet Steve, it is sooooooooo unbecoming.  So, we are are NOT playing on Thursday 22nd and Thursday 29th December.

Secondly Blades 5 A Side is 20 years old around about now…ish…could have been a couple of months back…but it certainly is this year and despite asking, the founding fathers cannot tell me when that anniversary actually falls but I do not feel it is befitting to let this monumental anniversary pass without comment or celebration.   Nor do I feel it is befitting that we should designate a particular Thursday to be the anniversary match if our founding fathers are absent through injury.   I therefore propose that some time in the new year, when they eventually return (the knackered old farts that they have become) we will designate a game in advance and then play a one off, winner takes all match for a specially commissioned Dunn Jessop Macintyre Trophy in recognition and celebration of this momentous moment in time.

Prior to that however we should also toast the past, present and future of Blades 5 A Side with a drinky or two.   As always organising such an event falls on some poor blighter because no one else will volunteer to do it and that poor person is usually Jono.  He is using his injury as an excuse to organise something and as such it falls on…..oh blast, me.

So I need to know from all of you swines who have conveniently stepped back and left me to do this…honestly I look after the ball, I pay on the night, I collect your money, I send out the emails, I keep the score in games, what more do you want – no comments on shooting and tracking back please….which of the following dates in the New Year is best for the majority of us all to head out and raise a glass:

Friday January 6th

Friday January 13th

Friday January 20th – my own personal favourite which is bound to make you all vote for the other dates

Friday January 27th

Let’s see if we can get a more useful response to this poll than the last shall me…no Bondi Beach this time Tim please.

Thirdly, who is playing this week?

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