Tuesday 1st November: Halloween At The Lane

Firstly my apologies for my late withdrawal from last week but I am delighted to see that we still got good numbers, 5 v 5 and in the absence of any firm facts apart from who played and the Darks getting back to winning ways, I must report that it was an exciting game, a true thriller of end to end tight control, pass and move, hard tackling, sportsmanship, great goals, near misses, team work, respect for the rules…I know I know I know…it’s all lies, I haven’t got a clue what went on, or indeed what goes on most weeks, often it all passes me by as I drift through life in my own little world of flowers and poetry and sunsets the like of which drive you to distraction or wrestle you from the drudgery of the day to gasp, awestruck at the colours violently ripped from the sky before it all turns black and the whiskey is the solace in these frozen and wolf filled nights, how many of those tablets did I take, slimming pills you said?   Really?   Oh.    Was it me or were there lots of trick and treaters out last night, and many of them not even dressed up, just demanding treats in hoodies and Sheffield united shirts.  I went to the gym and as I walked in the receptionist commented ‘great mask’: I know I’m looking tired at the moment but that was a bit rich

So who is playing this week?  It’s one one in games in the second world series.

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