Back from holiday: 31st July 2012

My thanks to Angry Mick for holding the fort whilst I was away but normal service is now resumed, no doubt much to Mick’s relief who described the responsibility as being as easy as herding cows, or was it clouds, or maybe clowns, something like that, he was rather sweating and shaking at the time as he shared with me the torment he had suffered.

So what’s been happening?   I have no idea apart from last week when Whites lost despite the returning (for one week only) Big Al, who now resides in Nairobi, why,  well why not when you are an internationally sought super villain.  What else could explain the constant moving from place to place and sudden re-emerging from time to time.   For all we know we could be innocent prawns in some shady international conspiracy, kept under surveillance by MI5, Interpol and the CIA, did he give any of us something to look after, if you know what I mean, a seemingly innocent package, all trussed up in gaffer tape, a key to a safety deposit box or even a locker at Sheffield Station, a severed finger or other body part: we have come a long way from tattooed Darrell, for those with a long enough memory.

And that’s all my drivel for now, I’ve got two weeks of emails to catch up on, more normal service will be resumed next week and I have a humdinger of an expose to share with you: something that will rock your very world to the core, something that will have you questioning the very fabric of society and your own existence: life will never be the same again.

So until then who is playing this week?



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