New World Champions: 3rd July 2012

It was hot.

It was frantic.

It was hard.

There was aggression.

There were raised voices.

There was commitment – lots of commitment

There was skill.

There was last ditch defending.

There was pass and move.

There were goals.

There was contention.

There was foul play.

There was great play.

There was a ball.

There were feet.

There was….manliness.


And in the end what started as 10-10 in games in the second world series finished a worthy and resounding 11-10 in games and the Whites being  crowned the second world series world champions.

All hail the new world champions.

But as one season closes another is already under way and with the Darks in the lead by 6 games to 4 there is no rest for the victors.

Who will be playing this Thursday?



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