Toe To Toe: 26th June 2012

It’s time.

No more excuses or delays.

Time to stand toe to toe, face to face, eye to eye, Darks v Whites, it’s time for the showdown, for blood to be spilled, pain barriers to be broken, it’s time for heroes.

No swapping of players: if you are Dark this Thursday you are Dark, if you are a White wear White. Whatever the sides will be will be, whatever the result will be will be, there is a trophy to be won, the taste of victory to be supped and a pie of pride to be eaten.

Let there be no more indecision.  Thursday, 7pm, Hillsborough, history is waiting to be made and history waits for no man.

Confirm your eligibility now.


Ps, what was the outcome last week, I thought Whites just shaved it (with the help I like to think of stunning performances from two Darks who were helping them out that night) but Martin thinks it was a draw.  I could have sworn when we were sat outside there was agreement on it being a narrow victory to the Whites, can I have your HONEST response please.



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