What will it be? 5th September 2012

When I sit down to write my weekly update I often have a range of emotions: sometimes excited because I have an idea and I’m desperate to write, sometimes challenged because all I can see is a blank page and have no ideas to fill it, sometimes frustrated because I have ideas but no time in which to express myself, and sometimes just plain terrified…because I know the moment I send out the update, the abuse and the vitriol will begin, and this week is exactly that.

The reason for my trepidation is because over the summer what with work and holidays and a cancelled game I have to confess to falling behind in my duties as the club historian: the website is behind, a long way behind, and whilst I have been able to stay on top of the subs paid and owed I have not kept abreast of the score in games, and here is the crux of my horror, because with Angry Mick and Jono’s help (supplying the results from the games I had missed) I have caught up and can now announce the score in games in the Third World Series…

It is

Whites 7

Darks 10

With it in mind that the first team to 11 wins the series I can already hear the chuntering of Angry Mick and Leeds Rob and Scouse Steve and I’m sure Jono and Geordie Dave will have words as well.  I can only assure you, with my hand on the holy scriptures that I have not manipulated, amended, fabricated or forged any result, I have simply updated my records with the confirmation from Jono and Angry Mick.  Even with Big John being suspended I think a pair of shin-pads would be a good investment for tomorrow, or will it, because we hit another question or matter for debate.  Last week was Big John and Little Joe’s last game as regulars and Paddy has also retired from regular status, leaving the Whites potentially severely depleted.   Fireman Dave was asking around but non-the-less we may have to consider mixing up the teams for the forthcoming Fourth World Series and even potentially…gasp…gasp gasp..the decider (if indeed the decider is tomorrow night).

In terms of numbers, if all the regulars are available then I am sure we would have enough players but football is a squad game these days, so I would appreciate a quick response from you all so I can announce the numbers and possibly even the teams tomorrow morning and if necessary we can start utilising the loan market.

So, knowing that I am rather less than the favourite person of the Whites, I humbly ask…who is playing this week?

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