I am a tardy boy: 19th September 2012

My, I am getting tardy, two weeks in a row when my updates have come out on a Wednesday. I need punishing, I need corrective rehabilitation, shackles and restraints, I need taking by a firm hand, I need oh yes I need the red room of pain – nothing of course to do with fifty shades of grey but a Wednesdayites view of having to watch a game at Bramall Lane that doesn’t involve the glorious Owls: traumatised I was.

So who is playing this week?

Last week it was a win for the Whites, I think only by 1 but a win none the less, and a fine game all round to boot., making it Whites 8 Darks 10.  Remember everyone it is first to 11 games, funny how teams on the cusp of glory often momentarily stumble, as if over-awed by the thought of their own potentially impending immortality.

I know Steve The Bruce is out injured, moon-lighting with another team.

Talk to me everyone talk to me.



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