It takes a great team…:27th September 2012

Not many teams can afford to give the opposition a 7 goal lead before launching their come back, and last week the Whites were certainly not one of those teams.

The question remains is whether it should stand as the decider of the Third World Series and I have to admit to a vested interest in this decision.   For those not there the facts are:

The Darks started with 6 players to the Whites 5 but with the agreement that half way a player would be swopped as it was the previous week when the sides were also uneven (a game I wish to stress the Whites won).

20 mins in and 7 goals to the good the Darks lost a player through injury – and on that note, how you doing Jess?  Was it the new shoes?

The rest of the game was played out 5 v 5 and the result was a draw across that time, however on aggregate Darks were the winners by a country-mile.

I played for the Whites…pause for the inevitable and entirely inaccurate ‘no wonder they lost’ comments from Leeds Rob, Scouse Steve, Angry Mick, Jono, Geordie Dave etc etc to which I reiterate the comments of the Darks on leaving that night that for most of the game I was unplayable…that is a compliment isn’t it, hence the vested interest, obviously I don’t like losing – even in a White shirt – but I do like winning, especially a World Series – although not being on the team when the series is won is very much a hollow victory for myself.

So, a decision is needed: no doubt there will be plenty of opinions.

Other than that…who is playing this week?


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