I’m Back

And I’m back! It’s time to start writing again. It’s been too long and in truth I’ve missed it, this, you. No, in fact it is more than just that: it is many many things all confusing and contrasting within this jumble of scoring and counter scoring and spurious head-high and area calls. I’ve loved the freedom from not having to do this, one nil, but I’ve hated the self-imposed silence one all, I’ve felt ignored two one, even so I despised what I previously wrote, three one but then I longed for it, three two, began to seek it out, finding new topics, new ideas, threes, then came the anticipation four three up, taking advance pleasure from it, five three, dreaming of you all reading this, six three and then I knew, that this was my place. I may have turned my back on it for a while, we all need a break now and then, and in doing so schemed and played with all other forms but this in truth is my place: pen and paper. Pen and paper, pen and paper, great combinations, pen and paper, like Shearer and Sutton, Cole and Yorke, Hirst and Bright, Owen and Hargreaves, Bell and End. It’s the scraping of the pen, the friction between the two forms, the poetry of the movement over the word, the seed of the ink, the stretch of an idea and the certainty of a belief, the commitment to it, the word, the thought, the sentence, the admission, the guilt, the secret that is no longer such, the birth, the adolescence, the completion, the climax, the joy of sharing, the fear of doing just so: and then the condemnation, the praise, your bewilderment, denial, betrayal, indifference, love. Yes love. Always love. What else is our inclination, but love? Love and football: the sweet sweet spot, the perfectly weighted, the pristine timing, painful, joyful, delirious, charitable, heartfelt, anger, cheating, fighting, companionship, true connectivity that crosses all boundaries of race, religion, gender, geography, language and love. Yes, love and football, give me just these two elements and I am a god, I am a creator!

So it’s 10-9 to the Whites, it could well be the decider of World Series VI and if that isn’t the greatest call to alarms since, well the decider to World Series V, then I don’t know what is. Who will be Bell and who will be End this week?

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