Thunderstorm: Tuesday 19th June 2012

What a tournament so far: the Dutch are gone, hear that crash and burn, the Danes were unlucky, no one expected their spirited show, the Germans could have gone had it not for their winner from Bender – am I the only one who sniggers when the commentator shouts his name?  It’s sad that the Poles are out, it is good for a host nation to progress but the Group of Dirth was anything but, and what’s this…England are doing OK, expectations are in check, perhaps Woy is the right man for the job after all, killer substitutions, stifling the French, you know what comes next…we could go all the way…look at the big guns, which of them have hit form.?  Big test tonight though.  And what about the pundits?  Am I alone in hoping that there’s a ruckus between Roy Keane and well basically anyone in those wicker chairs, everyone that joins him seems to have had a fight with him at some time in their past.   Reminds me of Mark actually.   Then there’s our very own version of Scouse Steve, making his debut this tournament, lovely little Jamie Carragher, Leeds Rob Gordon Strachan, Gareth Southgate forever remembered for that penalty miss just like Angry Mick, Gary Lineker well I’ve got the ears for it but then also the face for Adrian Charles, I wonder who is our Alan Hansan.     For me however the highlight was that thunderstorm and the way it lit up the sky above the stadium, now that made me go ‘wow’.  Always loved thunderstorms, always loved storms, always been fascinated by the force of Nature, that incredible ferocity and violence that lives ying and yang like with its nurturing  and beauty, just like the silk and the steel of a great football performance, which brings me nicely to the result of last week’s game which was another victory for the Darks and with it an opening up of the Third Series score: Whites 3 Darks 6.

As for the decider, well we were hoping it would be this week but again we have some notable absences, I believe primarily on the Whites side and not wishing to be accused of fixing the date to the best advantage of the Darks, I hereby suggest we look to next week and the 28th June for the decider to be played.  Everyone Ok with that.

And in the meantime, whose up for it this week?


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