Legends #2: the oh fuck moment: 23rd May 2012


As I indicated last week, I will not be available on Thursday because I am going to the theatre.

I recall that one of the legends – Steve The Bruce, I think – commented that it was somewhat extravagant to be going to the theatre on a Thursday night and, at first blush, I tend to agree.  However, the show is only running for 2 nights, today and tomorrow, and that therefore is the only reason.  Two important facts –

Firstly, the show is running at the Crucible.  Secondly, the production is called ‘The Oh F**k Moment’.

Why is that important?

Well, the Crucible is the legendary home of snooker, a game of great skill and precision.  Coincidentally it is also played on a green surface (with some artistic licence required by reference to the indoor surface at Hillsborough).  And it was on that very surface last week with, perhaps, only thirty seconds to play, and all scores level, that the ball came to my feet and I had to decide what to do.

Should we run the ball into the corner and play out time to secure what would surely have been, in its own right, a legendary and hard-fought-back-from-defeat memorable score draw?

Or, at risk of losing possession, should I attempt to thread the ball through the most impossible of gaps?  It could only go between the many stretching black boots of the whites and the flailing outstretched pink fingers of the white goalkeeper, in off the far post (or, as I like to refer to it, in off the jaws of the pocket).  In my mind I could hear John Virgo commenting that it wouldn’t go.  Was it even possible?

Well the falling jaws will forever be the answer to that, as will the unified white chorus of five gasps at that incredible and legendary moment – The “Oh F**k” moment.

Hope to see you next week



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