Even shin pads??????? 23rd May 2012

Here’s a question: why was John Terry wearing his full kit, even shin pads, at the end of the champions league final?  Am I alone in thinking that was somewhat strange?  Was it a show of unity amongst the squad, a recognition that it is indeed a squad effort to get to and indeed win the tournament?  Or was it that in years to come he hopes it is forgotten that he didn’t play in it and with it the reason why he wasn’t in the game?

I wonder who’s idea it was for him, and to be fair the other suspended players, to don their kit: its easy to imagine it was his.   Was it after training, perhaps over breakfast that morning, or once those actually playing went out to warm up.   I would love it to be that one, Lampard leads the team out of the changing room whilstTerry nips into one of the booths, pulls a plastic bag out from under his coat, from which he takes a replica kit he bought at the local JJD out of town superstore and slips it on under his team tracksuit.    Not a team suit i notice, not like Scholes and Keane wore on their fateful night in barcelona.   What would only make this more enjoyable would be if JJD had missed spelt the name they printed on the shirt he bought – Terrie – well he had to go in disguise, no doubt a baseball cap, track suit and loads of bling, they will have thought it was an anniversary present for his girlfriend, or sister or mother perhaps, you know what they are like down there in Essex Land.   On finding out, did the rest of the team, the poor sods doing the running that night, and indeed the ones who after his sending off had done his running for him in the Nou Camp, go oh yes Captain my Captain you must, or did they react as how I would expect you all to react if one of us turned up to watch on a Thursday night, unable to play but in full kit?

I get enough grief when I turn up in full kit and I am playing.

Is this a fashion statement that i didn’t get the memo about?   Does everyone get kitted up when you aren’t able to play: after John Terry i must insist you do.  Tim is at the theatre this week but I expect him to be suitable attired in shorts and trainers.  Jono,  Jess, Brian and Paddy, whilst out performing their Bucks Fizz tribute act as they now do on a Thursday night, will be doing so in the respective Whites and Darks kit.   Martin will be wandering around his house, packing for his holiday, wearing his Edgar David’s and as for Angry Mick I have it in good authority that your wife would like you take that Leeds shirt off now and then, especially during you know what.

And so, what a season draws to an end, it’s been a mad and spectacular season: congratulations to Manchester City who laid to rest the ghosts of over 40 years of failure as well as ridding football of the phrase ‘fergie time’: Aguiro Time for now on.  Congratulations to Newcastle for setting expectations so high now you can already hear the chants for the manager to go before the end of October.   For Chelsea and their ultimate showman Drogba life will never be the same.  Poor Tottenham, finishing 4th but robbed of the Champions League place, taxi for Bale and Modric.  Barca finally ran out of steam and England have an Englishman back in charge.   Wednesday are up and a Norwich and Southampton is being mentioned (anyone would think we had some Geordie in our blood).  United have it all to do next Saturday.  But the maddest thing of all in this mad mad season has to be the crowning glory of John Terry dressed up like a team mascot when he wasn’t even playing.  How must the Ferdinands be feeling now.

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