Legends: 23rd May 2012

Fireman Dave, Tim, Steve The Bruce, Cuddles…..one word and one word only can describe these four, and that word is…LEGENDS.

Hear the ghostly whispers grow ever faint and drift in the evening breeze, ‘you never win when you have the man down’…..’the whites are always the man down’.   These ghosts are now free of their torment because you can win with 4 against a 5, being a man down is not the foregone conclusion some seem to believe it is, not know, not thanks to these 4 LEGENDS.

Is it fair to name the extra man stronger Whites side, just because they were so humbled, what do you think Big John, Little Joe, Angry Mick, Geordie Dave and Leeds Rob, should I name the Whites who lost to the one man down Darks, those who are now LEGENDS.

I was going to use this weeks communication to set a date for the decider of the second world series but not now, I was going to use it to chase up on some outstanding subs but not now, I could use it for something more topical but this is now in the bonus material on the website under Bucks Fizz Tribute Band (a special mention for Jono, Jess, Brian and Paddy) but not now: now I’ll simply ask who is playing this week, it is definitely, unequivocally, whites 2 darks 4….that’s 4 games won in the third series, 4, which coincidentally was the number in our winning team last week, 4 players as opposed to the whites 5 players, and those 4 were Fireman Dave, Tim, Steve The Bruce and me.     LEGENDS.


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