Vlad Never Threw A Game: 15th May 2012

Some people are never satisfied: Vlad The Impaler, well known for being the sort of person who on completing a rather sumptuous meal wouldn’t say ‘my Jove what a fine delight that was’, but would recline and demand ‘more’.   Cardinal Camillo Massimo didn’t achieve his 17th Century fame for patronising the arts by being sated with his first rare masterpiece.   The scourge of modern archaeology that was Heinrich Schliemann didn’t rest with his discover of Mycenae, no he had to destroy Troy with industrial style digging in the search for a fabled era that never existed.  Leeds Rob, yes Leeds Rob is another and not for once because of his incredible demand for more goals for his own side when the opposition has just scored another.   And the reason for his inclusion in this list of notoriety is that last week, 4 Darks v 3 Whites, due to the paucity of the White’s actually showing up to play…are they scared we ask ourselves…I volunteered to play against my team-mates.   A massive game there followed and the Darks only just won despite the extra man they had over Geordie Dave, Leeds Rob and myself.  Throughout the game the support, the teamwork, the intelligence the Whites displayed was a sight to behold, we defended resolutely, we broke with skill and vigour, we were as one throughout.  We pushed the Darks, taking the lead late on, forcing them to raise their game and ultimately they ran us down in extra time to narrowly win.   It was a performance all could be proud of.

And Leeds Rob’s comment as we walked from the pitch….”well you threw that one didn’t you”.

And so, it is with great gusto and delight I confirm that after the latest game in the Third World Series the score stands at Whites 2 Darks 3.

The Second Series…still 10-10 because we haven’t got even sides since we got to that score…talk about not being able to arrange a certain event in a brewery.

So who, this week, will be playing.

And before any of those from the other side of the city to me feel a sense of injustice and wish to start legal proceedings as they are used to doing may I offer my sincere congratulations on getting to the play-off final, in front of a massive (lol) crowd of 22,000 people (…for a place at Wembley oh come on you can surely do better than that, all you could see on TV were empty seats as opposed to the 4 sides of wednesdayites).  Seriously, Blades get the act together and join us in the Championship.

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