God Loves A Tryer But He Loves Wednesday More: Tuesday 8th May 2012

Really really really, what shall I write today?

Should I make reference to the fact we still haven’t played the decider

Should I make reference to Whites victory last week to make it 2-2 in the Third World Series

Should I make reference to them having the extra man and wait for their respectful comments as I gave them the previous week

Should I make reference to needing to hear from Paddy, Jono and Jess about their progress towards a return

Should I make reference to the concern being voiced about Tim and his knee

Should I make reference to some obscure footballing fact and regale you with it

Should I draw an analogy between our games and the natural world or philosophy or ancient culture or literature

Should I simply make something up

Should I be insulting

Should I make reference to how Warnock was not the White Knight for the mighty Leeds – not that it will change Look North’s bias towards their coverage

Should I make reference to the myriad of hugely important matches this weekend

Should it be Liverpool’s failure at the Cup Final (definitely need to make reference to their continued determination that it was a goal despite the cameras showing it hadn’t all crossed the line, but then it is Liverpool and as long as their attempts are close to the goal then it must be a goal)

Should it be Newcastle’s defeat to Man City and the doubt over their Champions League place

Should I make reference to the glum Man Utd faces, oh they were so funny, not even Fergie Time could help them this weekend,

Should I make reference to it not being all over yet…but then it is because….The Wednesday’s Going Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s one ! for every thousand Wednesday fans there were at Hillsborough this week…for a First Division game…not that we are in that division any more. I am trying so hard to keep a lid on this and be humble and gracious and supportive, seriously I want United up in the Play Offs, I do, I really do but oh my Lord Saturday was wondrous and try as United did to usurp us, try as United have done to overturn well over a century of evolution we are and we remain the bigger, better club.

We all know God loves a tryer, but he loves Wednesday more.

The city, yes Jono, Jess, Brian, Martin, the city is ours.

So who is playing this week?

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