Lucky Socks: Tuesday 1st May 2012

And so it all comes down to this, two games, simultaneously played, two sets of supporters nervously glancing from pitch to scoreboard to phones to half eaten nails, the twitches, the superstitions, the lucky socks, the lucky programme seller, the rumours, the counter rumours, the celebration, the despair.   Who will it be?  What will it be?  Clear on points, goal difference, for one…promotion, for the other the play offs.   I remember a handshake between Jono and I at the start of the season: a good luck from both to the other, a want for both clubs to be promoted, what a year that would be for our city.  Whatever the outcome I stand by that handshake: both clubs up and then up again.

And down on a Thursday night, we have similar tension as the decider has still to be played as we had odd numbers again last week.    Hats off to the Whites for their sheer grit last week, out-numbered and may I say totally out played but still they battled on.  Chelsea they weren’t but proud they should be.    The Darks lead the Third World Series 2-1.

So who will be there this week?

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