Excuses Excuses Excuses: Tuesday 24th April 2012

A bit late in the day, been busy…yes I do work from time to time before you all say it, although strangely enough it’s how busy I am over the weekend that usually governs the time I get to write each weeks update rather than how busy I am at work during the week – not that any of you will listen obviously, or indeed change your assertion to the contrary, it’s rather like trying to tell Leeds Rob that his score keeping is somewhat flawed or telling Paddy that the thing he kicked wasn’t a ball but my ankle or telling Mark that I was trying to actually get the pass out but was struggling to do so because Big John was in the process of slamming me into the wall, I know excuses excuses excuses.

On a similar note however I think I should applaud everyone on how clean the tackling has been for a good few weeks (even with Leeds Rob’s return), remember the expected play off game the other week, which turned into the first game of third series, 6 v 7 in players I think it was, I cannot recall a single bad challenge or foul in the whole game (see Whites you can do it)…didn’t stop Scouse Steve calling me Drogba last week…before we even started…a more sensitive man would have been really hurt by that…I showed him however once we were out on the pitch….well actually I didn’t, the Whites won but as there was uneven numbers it was the second game of the third series, making that 1-1 in games whilst the second series remains stuck at 10-10 in games and the decider to be the next week we have even numbers in the teams…whenever that may be.

Will it be this week (adopt Big Brother style Geordie accent)…you decide.

So who is playing?

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