Piermario Morosini: Tuesday 17th April 2012

I tweet.  I am a twitter. But as with all things Internet there is an unsavoury side to it.   Amongst those I follow are a number of footballing people, from players to ex players to football writers and TV pundits and the abuse some of these receive for voicing reasonable, often simply common sense and wildly shared opinions is terrifying.   Many of the so-called counter arguments have no substance other than gutter abuse and at worse racial attacks.   Threats of a physical nature are also not unknown.   Richard Bacon highlighted the sewer undercurrent in a recent television programme and thankfully, however late in the day action now appears to be being taken.   Arrests have been made for racial abuse towards Stan Collymore and in relation to Fabrice Muamba.

The counter balance however is what is important: it’s the old heaven and hell argument, the pleasure and pain, love and hate, coffee or tea.    News often breaks on twitter that can otherwise be lost in other more ‘headline’ driven circles and one such story broke early yesterday on twitter that has now reached the mainstream news but is still ( or was last night) being overshadowed by the debate on goal line technology.

Piermario Morosini died of a heart attack last weekend playing for Livorno, on loan from Udinese.   This is not the news to which I refer but the tragic foundation.  Whilst this will move all of us associated with this great game, what followed next reminds us that whilst humans have a huge capacity to inflict terror and pain on each other, our capacity for compassion is equally without boundary.  Piermario lost both his parents before he was 18.   He grew up caring for his disabled brother and his severely disabled sister.   His brother unfortunately took his own life not long after but his sister, for whom he had cared for the last 7 years and throughout his professional career, faces an uncertain future.   That is until yesterday.  Not only has Udinese announced that they will forever support her financially but Antonio de Natale, the Udinese team captain has also announced that he will become the child’s guardian, stepping into his teammate and friend’s shoes.

I’m sorry for having taken up your time with this story today but I probably would never have known this had it not been for a single tweet yesterday.   We humans can do some terrible things but we can also be, well as my daughter might say, awesome, and sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves of that.

No game last week.   Will it be the second series decider this week?

Who is playing?

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