Tammy Wynette: Freedom Fighter: Tuesday 10th April 2012

As is the way with so many of these ‘big’ games the result is somewhat of an anticlimax.

Not the game itself – I thought that was a good game to say the least: very little space with 6 v 5 on the pitch and Whites (with the man down) playing very well, using the crowded playing space to help make the numbers seem even at times. But the fact that there were odd numbers in the teams meant that the great play off for the second world series will have to wait a while longer. Will it be this week, who knows, the answer my friends is not blowing in the wind but waiting on your responses to this email.

As it was and complying with the dictate from the Chairman of the club, the man in the big hat, his royal pope-y-ness Jono, the result, a victory to the Darks, leaves us with an early lead in the Third World Series. (This is the weirdest scoring system ever known to man and one I am bound to get wrong).

So three questions:

1. Are you playing this week?

2. Did you pay me last week?

3. Have you paid me for the week before?

Apologies for question 3 but I wasn’t there the week before and need to catch up on who was there and who has paid. My apologies for question 2 but I was knackered on Thursday night (I know I know don’t say it, extra man and the like) and I had money facelessly thrust at me from all sides, sweaty hands going everywhere, I felt like a innumerate gentleman’s entertainer, although one that obviously didn’t make the best of impressions because you all just threw the money at me and ran off, and small amounts too, although there was one man, gentle with nice eyes who gave me £20.   But did he just have an ulterior motive?   Oh the beast. And what does that say about my talent as a dancer, and why do I automatically assume it was me and my fault, oh that’s such a woman thing to burden myself with guilt, and lack of self worth and more guilt, oh Tammy I know your pain standing by your man when they treat you thus, why isn’t it about their manners, gentlemen shouldn’t treat a lady like that, surely she deserves more respect. You heartless swines, I’m only doing this to put myself through college, if a blacksmith can still be a gentleman why can’t a private dancer still be a lady, oh sisters why is it thus, when will we be free from this inequality?

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