I Love The Smell Of Socks In The Morning: Thursday 5th April 2012

As the sun fought through this morning’s heavy blanket of night, the city, nay the nation, no the world has woken not only to the aftermath of the sudden change in the weather but also and more importantly to the heart quickening realisation that this is a day of great reckoning: Tremendous Thursday, Terrific Thursday, Tumultuous Thursday and ultimately for one team Triumphal Thursday. It is a day drowning in the sweet pudding-ness of expectation, covered with a gooey, squeezable, topping of tension, sprinkled yet further with crunchy chunks of eager banter between supporters and mouth watering anticipation, all topped off with a wafer of excitement so large it can be seen from space. Yes my beautiful friends, my handsome companions, my sexy senors, today is a day in which heroes will be made, cast from the same fiery furnace that shaped the trophy for which we compete.

Who will be there? Who is missing through injury….let me tell you

For the Darks




Fireman Dave



Injured: Jess : Away: Steve The Bruce


For the Whites

Leeds Rob

Big John (he better be, he has the ball)

Little Joe

Angry Mick

Geordie Dave

Scouse Steve

Injured: Jono and Brian


See you there for this is it: this is why we play; this is why we live!

ps have I built it up enough for everyone? I went for subtlety.

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