Climatic Cross Dressing: 3rd April 2012

And so it has come down to this: a winner takes all one game play off for the second world series. Darks victory last week took the score to 10-10: it could not be closer, literally it could not be closer, do I really need to stress that to you, I suppose we could also include goal difference but I haven’t been keeping a track of that, I struggle as it is with a) where is the ball b) who is going to be there c) who actually was there d) who has paid and e) who won. Obviously the default analysis of those questions is a) in the boot of my car b) some of you but not everyone can be bothered to tell me which can be usually abbreviated to no idea c) some of you but not always who said they were going to be which can usually be abbreviated to no idea d) no idea and e) the Darks usually by a country mile unless Leeds Rob or Jess is keeping the score in which case it could be anything or no idea.

Last week Big John made a very sensible suggestion (no, it wasn’t get up Stephen – that was the previous week), it was that the decider should only be considered the decider IF we have equal sides. Personally I think this is a mighty fine idea and I second Big John’s proposal, which according to Point 783 sub section 471 verse 64 of the Blades 5 A Side Constitution two ordinary members (stop sniggering Scouse Steve) are allowed to bring forward a proposal allowing for a short-term amendment to the standard rules to enhance the playing experience and maintain the authenticity of any result as long as they are from opposing sides and it is in advance of the match itself, oh and it has to be done on a Tuesday whilst one of them is wearing ladies underwear. I can vouch, not least because I am typing this at the moment that I am normally attired so it has to be John fulfilling that last part.

So there are two questions to vex you with this week:

1. Are you playing this week?

2. Do you support or not support John’s proposal, as seconded by me, that the decider will only be considered as such as long as we have equal sides?

And on that cross dressing note, I remind you yet again that it could not be any closer, really not any closer at all: it’s win or bust this week!

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