It’s Official: We Cannot Decide: Friday 16th March 2012

The official, Blades 5 A Side favourite Carry On film is…

A tie between Carry On Camping and Carry On Up The Khyber

Quite what this says about us is open to debate but I wish to start by referencing Barbara Windsor and men in skirts, need I say more.

Also referenced were:

Carry On Doctor in third place

Carry On Cleo

Carry On At Your Convenience

Carry On Luggage – personally I never saw that one but can’t imagine there were many laughs in it.

Carry Bena – 1 vote – a climbing reference that I did not get at first (my thanks to Fireman Dave for his non-patronising explanation, no seriously it wasn’t at all patronising).   Personally I find the idea of climbing as a pastime something adherent, after all if God had meant us to go climbing he would never have allowed us to invent escalators or lifts or even stairs.

The Goodies – 1 vote – don’t expect me to explain how any one could have voted for the Goodies in answer to the question, ‘what is your favourite Carry On film?’…after all we also had Carry On Luggage and Carry Bena.  I honestly do despair sometimes.

Watch out for more poll results over time…you never know, one day they might actually be meaningful!


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