Tuesday 21st February: Next stop…the world

Geordie Dave and I have an announcement to make, something we have been keeping secret for a while now, something that we believe the time is right to share with you all. I appreciate that there is something ‘Geordie Shore’ in this opening but our secret is far more innocent than most of you are now imagining (and if you are not now jumping to a conclusion that is deprived and sordid then shame on you: it’s not like we would make an unlikely couple).

Fanfare please band master….

Fanfare fanfare fanfare fanfarrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We are delighted to today announce the official launch of the brand new club web site


Yes my jolly and mighty fine and handsome amigos, thanks to the technical mastery of Dave and the verbal dexterity (some would less kind) that is me you are all now immortalised in the great ether that it is the world wide web, spelling mistakes et all.

Packed full of all your favourite ‘rants’, together with previously unreleased bonus material (warning! Some of which may be unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition and certainly would never get past Steve The Bruce’s firewall), together with never before seen photos taken over 20 years of Blades 5 A Side…..see if you can spot yourself!

From now you can stay in constant touch from anywhere in the world through the email AND the web; share your joy with your family and friends and long lost ex-players, spread the word, visit it from many different IP addresses, search for it on Google, let’s get the site up there….into the….twenties of visitors. Who knows, they show anything on TV these days, broadcasting fees, merchandising….image rights!

Now I know some of you will be worrying that the regular Tuesday email rants will be no more, but fear not, I will still be pestering you every week in the traditional manner to know whether you will be playing or not and you will still have to put up with my verbosity delivered directly into your inboxes.

Oh and last week, the Darks won again making it a nail biting whites 8 darks 7.

Remember folks it first team to 11 will win the second World Series and can lay claim to the crown that is the Dunn Jessop Macintyre trophy – check out the gallery guys, it’s an impressive prize.

So who is playing this week?

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